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Dental industry construction is a unique and specialized field. It takes a great amount of detail and attention to the requirements of each and every piece of dental equipment. Most contractors do not understand the complexity of the equipment. Contractors tend to view dental construction similar to general office construction. At McIntyre Construction we have spent the last 20 years educating ourselves to be the "go to" experts for Dental Construction.

Dental Construction

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About McIntyre Construction, Inc.

Since 1972 McIntyre Construction has provided high quality commercial construction throughout the northwest. With an uncompromising commitment to performing quality construction in a cost effective manner, McIntyre Construction brings a rich heritage of superior performance and integrity.  From tenant improvement to the construction of large commercial buildings, McIntyre Construction approaches each project with an emphasis on details that are important to you.

What we do

We excel in start-to-finish construction. When we can be involved in the entire process from property acquisition all the way to the open house, we can save you time and money, which gives us a great sense of accomplishment. We want to be there as soon as the need arises, but the earlier, the better.

New Building Constructions

We believe our community is built on small business. These local entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. We share an appreciation of the need for efficiency of space, time, and money.  With our vast experience in tenant in-fills we have a wealth of helpful suggestions to offer.

Tenant In-fills & Build-outs

Based on our extensive experience in the construction industry we can provide guidance and recommendations to achieve your goals.  We are accommodating and will build to your existing plans, or help you design your own.  Our primary goal is to see that you are satisfied at the completion of the job, and receive the highest level of customer service and quality in the finished product.